Starting point for this project

June 29, 2019

After BitSummit is over, there is some time until the next major goal, so the programmer is preparing a rough foundation at this timing. Therefore, there is no big change in the game itself for a while. In the case of a job that has been requested by a large publisher, such a period may be scolded as "it took money and time but no progress!" However, if we produce it at our own expense like this time, it is peaceful because we can not say such a thing. However, you must be careful not to lose your company money. Since there is no change in the game, I will write another topic. I found a "text file that determines the direction of this project" when organizing the shared space.


What i want to do

■ Expressing destruction and shape deformation

If I want to make a gladiator game again, I would like it to dent if I hit my armor or helmet with a mace. I also want the chain mail to be partially broken and the shield broken.

In the case of car racing games, it has continued to evolve since the expression of destruction was expressed in "Destruction Derby".

There are still few human battle games in pursuit of destructive expression. (Maybe I just don't know)

In FPS and TPS games, body part defects are often used as an expression of "death". Some sexual games can be undressed by damage, but that's not what I want to do.

However, I would like to express that "I keep fighting and I'm still alive even if I get hurt."

■Third Person Close Quarters Combat

I loved fighting with Mirelurk in "FALLOUT3". Looking at the movements of the opponent, I enjoyed the feeling of doing high damage aiming at the weak point that was slightly visible through the gap in the shell. Naturally the battle expression of "DEAD SPACE" is also my preference.

I was disappointed that the expression of the satb attack on "Infinity Blade" was too simple.

The “deep down” action with a spear may be close to my preference.

When I developed Gladiator's game, I made a battle system that chooses where to attack.

I thought "Where do you want to attack by looking at the situation of the other party," and wanted to realize an experience that can realize it. I want players to have the illusion that they are doing complex battles in real time.

I don't need a game that uses a combination of buttons to attack.

I want to make a game that deeply and deeply pursues character movement.

In fighting games, the camera is close to the character and the movement of the character can be shown attractively.

However, in order to intuitively convey the distance to the opponent, the camera will be placed next to the two characters.

I want to find out if there is a way to express the attractive battle action of a character other than this method.


The contents of this text were announced at an internal meeting. And we declared, "We will make an original game!"

At the time of writing this text, the battle picture of 1 vs 1 cyborgs is not yet in my brain. To raise this seed, we discussed with several core members and the contents were decided little by little.

Up to here for this time. See you soon!