Early development CYBORG video

June 06, 2019

After BitSummit is over, it is not good to have a short break and stay stagnant, so I will keep motivation by deciding the next target point and updating it again.

This time, we will introduce “the oldest development video that remains at hand”.

CYBORG is created using Unity. In the early stages of development, we used animations purchased at the asset store and “Unity-chan” skeletons.

  1. Players and enemy fight in 1 vs 1
  2. Head, torso, limbs have physical strength
  3. Skills are attached to the limbs, and the skills can be put out by accumulating gauges.

This feature is already implemented at the time of this video.

At that time, the rule was still "Lose if any part of the body is destroyed". That is a very different point.

As a cyborg battle expression, we changed the specification, thinking that it would be better to continue fighting even if the limbs were destroyed. As a result, I think this decision was correct.

Some people may have noticed that there is a “barrier gauge”.

The barrier gauge is not currently displayed, but there is still a rule that if you continue to use the barrier, it will overheat and the barrier will be unavailable for a certain period of time.

At the time of this video recording, it was still not interesting as a game to play.

But "Oh ~ the character moved for the time being!" And it was taken in commemoration.

This is the starting point of development for 9 months, with a small number of members involved at a pace of 1 or 2 days a week ...

I think it's not bad to have changed so far by BitSumit.

See you!!