ENEarly development CYBORG video Vol.2

June 15, 2019

Last time it was "the oldest development video that remains at hand", but this time we will introduce a test video taken about a month after that.

It was decided from the beginning that "Let's make a game with the theme of destruction", so it was when I was looking for a way to express that appearance.

The first video is a test of "expression that paint can peel off when attacked".

In order to develop with self-funding, we examined how to realize realistic destructive expressions with technology that is possible with a small number of people.

Therefore, I researched to automatically generate the expression that paint can peel off in real time.

Currently, this expression is still problematic, so it is not included in the BitSummit version.

The second is a test of the expression "By continuing to be attacked, the armor will break if the durability of the armor drops below a certain level." This also generates fragments automatically in real time.

This expression was also incorporated in the BitSummit version with minor adjustments.

There are still many ideas I want to pursue for destructive expressions. Of course, the game rules are important, but because destruction is the concept, we will continue to focus on these productions to make them more realistic and powerfulv!