Digige Expo ends!

NOVEmber 20, 2019

Thank you very much to everyone who attended and played at Digige Expo! !

People who played with BitSummit came back to play, and there were people who played the Gladiator series that we made years ago ... I was very happy!

The contents of the route map and the parts you can earn will change each time you play the game.Therefore, the difficulty of the game changes with each play.

This game is designed to be played repeatedly. You may think "I'm very lucky!" Or you might even feel "I'm abandoned by the game god!" I thought it would be very difficult to adjust the level of difficulty in an exhibition where these types of games could only be played for a short time.

I would like to use this experience for the next exhibition!

Anyway, participating in the event was very fun and very stimulating, so I will continue to participate actively in the future. If you are interested in this game, you can also ask questions directly, so please visit Discord!

We will make a new video soon! looking forward to!

This is a new part that was designed immediately before the Digige Expo. I drew in the middle of the night so it was a rough design, but thanks to the cooperation of the staff, it was cool and finished with strong skills! ! Hooray!