APRIL 6, 2020

Everyone, after a long absence!

We are now working on "CYBORG" in my spare time while doing other work. Therefore, the development pace is very slow, but please be assured that it is not stopped! The financing is small but realized, so we can speed up the pace a bit more.

Recently we have done various tests.

-Changed the blending method between human body animation and physics simulation.

-Changed barrier rules so that game time can be slowed arbitrarily.

-Considering introduction of “My Room” .

And ... about our new coronavirus. countermeasures. Some staff have already started working from home, but others are still working in the office. I consult with my client to get permission to work from home. We want to work together to stop the spread of this virus. All planned exhibits have been postponed.

Therefore, the opportunity to show "CYBORG" to everyone is undecided. We keep doing what we can to make better!

The image below is a redesign because the inner body was a test model. We're working on it further ...