September 06, 2019

It's been long time since I last renewed.

We are currently implementing a route map. It ’s too rough to show, so please be patient.

This time I will write about the following goals.

The Tokyo Game Show was not so long from BitSummit, so I stopped exhibiting CYBORG. This is because I thought it would not make much sense without significant changes from the BitSummit version.

Announcing our next goal!

November 17, 2019 Degital Games Expo

February 06-09, 2020 Taipei Game Show

Both applications have been submitted. I'll report here again if the review passes!

I hope to show you CYBORG that has evolved from the BitSummit version!

We are looking for ways to raise funds for CYBORG. Maybe you use crowdfunding! Also, if you are interested in direct investment or interested in creating another game using this project, please contact us.

The image below is a newly created image.

There are others, so I will release it in the future.